Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Summer Baseball

This past summer, the kids were able to participate in summer baseball.

We spent many summer nights at the ball diamond.

All of the kids worked hard and were able to improve and do better during the season.

The best part of it is that not only did we have our beloved neighbors come and cheer on our kids, we were able to have my parents and my dad's mom (Hot Chocolate grandma) there to cheer the kids on.  Hot Chocolate grandma even did Emmy's hair in a fancy way to make sure it would stay out of her face during the game.

During their game, Ben and Emmy had some wonderful plays and some great hits.

Their team was able to win the tournament again!

Hyrum played in a league above his age. This past season was a learning season for him. This season probably helped him grow the most, but it was a difficult season for him.

Hyrum's team was able to take third place in the tournament.

We are proud of how all our kids tried their best in this past season of baseball!

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