Friday, November 13, 2015

Pioneer Days 2015 Part-1

The middle of July brought the exciting pioneer days to the small towns in our community.

We headed to the town of Sanford to enjoy the parade and other  fun events.

Next, we arrived for the foot races.  Each of the kids ran their little hearts out!

The next activity was the three legged races.  The kids had fun with their friends trying to get the coordination down for to accomplish the race. 

After the three legged races came the watermelon eating contest. Hyrum was pretty excited to be chosen to participate in the contest.

Next, came the egg toss.  Ben and his partner were out pretty quickly. Emmy and her partner lasted a long time! Hyrum and I were going to do it together, but the people in charge ran out of eggs.

Of course, to end the fun day, the fire truck was there to hose everyone down.

Some of our favorite time of the day was spent with our friends!

It was a great afternoon!

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