Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Christmas 2015

 We had a wonderful Christmas morning. Of course we said family prayer together.
 Next we lined up oldest to youngest to go out to the living room to see what Santa had brought!
 Once again Emmy asked for blueberries and Santa heard her request!
 Even Lucy got a little jar of blueberries too this year that she asked for!
 Lucy was so thrilled to receive her frozen scooter that she had been asking about.
 Hyrum was in heaven with the books series that he received and loved.
 Ben was so excited to enjoy his Lego City police building set.
 Ben loves stuffed animals! He thought it was pretty cool to receive wolverine, the animal he did his report on in school and a hedgehog.
 Hyrum absolutely has loved his nerf bow and arrow! He still plays with it quite often.

 Lucy loves play-doh! I know this picture doesn't show how excited she is, but she loves it!
 Emmy and her humongous Olaf!
 Emmy was pretty excited for her shopkins too!

 The boys each received a bottle of yummy lemonade from Santa.

 Emmy was so excited to give the things that she had made to people for Christmas!

 Lucy has loved the magic clip set grandma and papa gave her! She still plays with them often!

 The boys received a fun game from Millie and Court.
 Lucy is sporting the beautiful dress that grandma and papa gave her. Lucy loves a good princess dress. The boys are holding up Pokemon cards that Lucy gave them!
 Emmy was pretty excited to receive her own girls basketball from papa and grandma!

 Emmy was so thrilled to receive a volleyball from Millie and Court. She had been wanting one for a long time!
 Ben thought his pocket knife from Papa and Grandma was pretty awesome!
 Hyrum received a nice sleeping bag from Papa and Grandma which will be perfect for when he starts campouts with the scouts. He has already been putting it to good use when we have gone camping!
 We have had many nerf gun battles with these two guns at our house. The boys received them from Brandon and I and absolutely loved them!

 Princess legos! The girls have loved their princess legos!
 The highlight of the day was when the kids realized that their big present from grandma and papa was going to Disneyland again! The kids were so excited!!
 Emmy was so thrilled with her easy bake oven!
 The kids spent the rest of the trip enjoying their presents from Christmas.

 We spent much of Christmas at Aunt Lana's house enjoying her superb Christmas breakfast that she makes! We enjoyed spending the time with our cousins and other family members that day. It was a wonderful Christmas!

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