Thursday, August 18, 2016

Baby Number 5!

On December 20th, 2015, I found out that I was expecting our fifth baby.  I was so excited. It had taken us over two and a half years to become pregnant. To be honest, I had given up hope that we would have one last baby.

On December 23rd, I told Brandon that we were expecting in the Jordan River Temple. It was such a special experience. He was so excited and thrilled.

By the time we came home from our Christmas trip to Utah, I was starting to feel really sick.  We decided to tell our family and kids that we were expecting.

Brandon was taking these pictures below of the kids. For the first picture, he told the kids to smile and say cheese while he took the picture. For the next picture, he told the kids to say, "mommy is pregnant." As you can tell from the reactions the kids were excited and shocked.

We then skyped with our family and held up papers that  had different numbers to represent the birth order of our family.  The kids were really cute and really excited to tell them. Our families were thrilled for us too.

In April, on my birthday, we found out that this last little baby would be a boy! We were so excited. Brandon and I didn't find out in the ultra sound. However, we had the technician write down what gender the baby was in an envelope and I took it to a lady to make cupcakes for us to eat open and find out what the gender was together as a family.

The kids were so excited to find out that the baby was a boy. Even though the girls might have been a little disappointed, the got over their disappointment pretty quick and have been so excited for their new baby brother.

Even though this pregnancy has been really rough and difficult at times for us, we have made it through with the help and love of so many wonderful people. It is easy to see the loving hand of the Lord in our lives.

Also, even though I have been sick, I have been able to push through and make it to everything that I needed to be to.

This baby is scheduled to arrive soon and we couldn't be any more pleased.


  1. Gives me goose bumps and makes me cry! I'm so happy for you. I know you have really rough neighbor told me ;). I saw on Facebook today that he is here!! Here's to a quick and easy recovery!

  2. Congratulations! What a fun surprise--in so many different ways!