Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Briggy is Three Months

 During the month of November, on the day we were traveling to Utah, my sweet Briggy turned three months old.

At three months old:
We were transistioning to 3-6 month clothes
Size 2 Diapers
Starting to sleep more consistently through the night. 

I had Brandon take the picture of Brigham in his BYU shirt on the actual day Brigham turned three months old!

The pictures of Brigham in the green shirt and blue pants were one of my favorite outfits to put him in when he was that size.

Around the time Brigham turned three months was a busy time, he was blessed about a week before, we went to Utah for Thanksgiving so he was able to meet so many people who already loved him.

During the time he was three months old, I feel deeper in love with this sweet baby. His big, blue and alert eyes melt my heart!
Not to mention, those kissable little lips.
The kids are still so in love with him.  Lucy insists on hold him at least once a day.  He is really starting to talk and coo!

He hates tummy time!

He still loves to be held and snuggle his mama!

He is really starting to smile and kick his plump fat legs!
He is such a chill baby as we spent so much time at basketball games and in the car. 

His chubby cheeks are so kissable! At three months, he is such a sweet little baby who is loved so much by his family.

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