Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2016

When we came home from our trip to Utah, we got busy and decorated our house to make it festive for Christmas. 

We absolutely love decorating the tree together as a family.

The kids and I love reminiscing about past years as old sentimental ornaments are taken out and put on the tree.

Every year, our kids receive an ornament that represents them and something that has happened to them this year.

Brigham had a baby, my first Christmas ornament.

Lucy had a beautiful ballerina since she started dance this year.  However, some how I forgot to take a picture of it.

Ben picked a swimmer for his ornament since he really started working hard on the swim team this year.

Emmy picked a volleyball player since she started playing volleyball this past year.

Hyrum decided to pick a football player since he enjoys playing football.

Briggy supervised while we decorated!

Our tree isn't one that is found in magazines for its beauty and decorations. Our tree is the journey of our family and the love that we share. I think our tree turned out beautiful!

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