Thursday, May 25, 2017

Briggy at Five Months

 This sweet baby turned five months old in January. He love to read books with mom; especially those with pictures of faces in them. He absolutely loves his baths and really splashes with his plump little legs when having one.
 Brigham prefers toys that make a lot of noise when he shakes them and he vigorously shakes them to get the desired noise he wants. He is really cute banging his plump hands on things.  

He loves to get a hold of mom's hair and play with it. I love watching him figure out control of his fingers and hands.

We have fights at our house if he hasn't been loved and held equally by his four adoring siblings. Brigham enjoys playing peek-a-boo with mom. He has the sweetest smile that he gives when picked up each morning.

His big blue eyes melt my heart!

 He is such a sweetheart that loves to cuddle and be held by his mama.


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