Sunday, May 21, 2017

Christmas Morning 2016

The kids were so excited to go out Christmas morning to see if Santa had found them!
Of course the kids lined up oldest to youngest to go out and see!

Hyrum received some new books
Emmy went to work real quick to put on some fake nails she found by her stocking
Ben was beyond thrilled with his new pack of Magic cards and his new bike.

Lucy was so happy to receive her barbie camper that she has been asking for for months.

Emmy received a new bike!
One thing that Emmy asks for each year is a jar of blueberries, her favorite fruit. This year she received two!
Ben was thrilled that he received The Westing Game book.   He read the book at school earlier in the school year and fell in love with it.
Emmy was given a new series of books that she and I are currently reading together.
Lucy was super excited to give us the cute button frame she made for us for Christmas.
Lucy loved her mask from Grandma Chocolate.

Emmy has absolutely loved her mermaid blanket

Lucy also was given a fun puzzle from grandma!
Grandma Chocolate and Grandpa do not disappoint!
Emmy loved wearing her little jingle bell pin from Grandma.

Millie and Court gave the boys cases for their magic cards.

Lucy has loved her slippers from Hyrum.
Emmy gave Brandon and I a beautiful poinsettia she made at school.

Cute brothers!
Hyrum picked out a Star Wars Lego kit for Ben.
We loved having Papa and Grandma at our house for Christmas.
Emmy gave Hyrum a new basketball.

Emmy loved receiving Once I Was a Beehive  from Hyrum. 
We have played many games of Risk together since this picture was taken.

Emmy was so excited to get a pottery wheel from Court and Millie.
New games from Papa and Grandma

Ben has wanted a spy kit forever! We have been enjoying solving the crimes as a family.

My siblings and I gave my parents a new digital frame that we can all send pictures to.
Lucy played with camper all Christmas morning. She has really enjoyed playing with it ever since.

Lucy was excited to receive new furniture for her doll house she loves so much. 

Hyrum's new present was a kindle just for him to enjoy all of his books.
Ben gave Lucy the fun game of Guess Who
Lucy has loved her Zootopia movie from Court and Millie.

Ben went right to work putting his Lego City together that he received from mom and dad.
Emmy received a variety of things to go into her art kit.
Briggy had a great first Christmas. 

Briggy received new bath toys and snack cups from Millie and Court.

The kids were completely spoiled this Christmas. It was a magical and special morning.

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