Sunday, July 9, 2017

65th, 85th, 90th,

 In the month of January, my family held a wonderful celebration in honor of my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary, my grandma turning 85 and my grandpa turning 90. 

To start the day off, all nine of my grandparents children and many grandchildren attended an endowment session together. It was wonderful. I loved every minute.  I remember looking over at my grandpa during the session and being impressed with the man that he was. 
 Shortly following the temple, we met up at a church and had a great family dinner.  On the walls in the room, they set up a couple of different stations that commemorated grandma and grandpa's life together. 

 A short program was held.As a family, we stood and recited the Living Christ. 
 The family gave grandma and grandpa two flags to hang at their new home in Blanding. I will always remember grandma sharing her thoughts on living in the United States. What a patriotic woman she is! She also shared her testimony of the gospel. What a faithful woman she is!
 We then ate a delicious meal.

 Grandma and grandpa with all nine of their children!

It was definitely a day to remember!

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