Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lictherman Nature Center

On May 17th, Ben, Emmy and myself went to the free day at the local Nature Center with some friends. Even though the center is big, we spent most of our time in the children's area. The kids loved looking at the fish, frogs, spiders and other animals that you can find in your backyard. The kids also walked through the butterfly exhibit that had an absence of butterflies.

They really enjoyed playing a matching game with me with the wooden tiles. The kids also thought it was pretty neat to go down a few steps and be eye level with the fish underwater.

There was a kind worker there who Ben became best friends with. The man invited us to go to the top of the pond while he feed the fish. He even gave the kids each a handful of food to throw to the fish. Ben then went on to ask this man a large amount of questions about the pond, fish etc.

As we were leaving, the worker showed us a snake exoskeleton and a spider exoskeleton. He also got out a hissing cockroach and a snake for the kids to touch. Once again, Ben was there to ask lots of questions. He kept asking the man to put the snake down on the ground. His request was denied. Emmy loved touching the cockroach and the snake. She had no hesitancy at all and was one of the first to touch both the roach and the snake while Ben was a little nervous.

Overall, it was a beautiful day to go to the nature center. The weather wasn't too hot and the kids behaved (other than Ben being anti-pictures, but that is nothing new). We have already taken Brandon back with us and plan to Hyrum back to explore the Nature Center.

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  1. You guys are always doing something fun :) It will be nice to see you for Sean's wedding...that is still weird to say :) All the kids are growing up so fast, and they look so cute at their graduations :) See you next week sometime :)