Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ward Halloween Party

On October 27th, we had our ward Halloween carnival.  It was such a fun night. The kids were so excited to go and had been counting down the days until the exciting party.  We dressed the kids up in their Halloween costumes.
Hyrum LOVED being a red ninja.  He thought he was pretty fancy busting out all of his ninja moves.

Ben made an adorable superman. Brandon even combed his hair so he had a little curl coming down his forehead. I loved all his little superman poses that he would do.
Emmy was such a beautiful pirate.  She loved her costume and thought that she looked pretty fancy.  Emmy loved the fact that I sprayed her hair with glitters spray and put lipstick on her. 

Brandon decided to go all out this year and be a leaf blower! 
I think Lucy's princess costume is one of my favorite costumes.  She looked so cute and sweet. She even kept her princess hat on for a long part of the night.

To start the party off, we had some yummy chili, bread and tasty treats.

After dinner was finished, the kid participated in a costume parade.  Lucy and I brought up the rear.

Next, the kids participated in fun Halloween activities.  They had a ring toss, decorated a pumpkin, and pin the nose on the pumpkin and other fun activities.

To end the night, there was a pinata.  The kids loved having their turn to crush open the pinata. Hyrum even hit it so hard that the pinata flew off from the string.

Overall, it was a fun night.  The kids were able to participate in fun activities and see their friends.

 While Brandon and I got to enjoy company of the other adults.  It was a fun Halloween party to go together as a family. 

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