Monday, November 12, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

On the Sunday before Halloween, we carved the pumpkins, that we got from our pumpkin patch adventure, as a family.  To start things off, the kids each drew a picture of the face that they wanted carved/painted on their pumpkins. 
Next, the work on the pumpkins began!  Brandon cut off the tops and Emmy and Hyrum began to scoop all the goop out. 

I love these pictures of Emmy! The look on her face as she is cleaning our her pumpkin is priceless! She was in absolute heaven cleaning out the goop!

 Do you notice Lucy in the bottom of the picture? She didn't want to be left out!
Brandon was in charge of coming up with the design for Lucy's pumpkin.

  Ben insisted, despite Brandon and I trying to convince him otherwise, that he wanted to paint his pumpkin instead of carve it. He said he wanted to paint his pumpkin since he is learning about being an artist from our neighbor. He drew various Halloween creatures on his pumpkin.  Notice the teeth? Those were a birthday present from Hyrum!

However, once Ben saw the other jack-o-lanterns, he about burst into tears. After the other kids went to bed, Brandon let Ben stay up and carve his pumpkin. 

I thought all the little jack-o-lanterns turned out really cute. The kids were eager to show them to our neighbors.  It was a fun night. 

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