Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

We had a great Christmas day.  The kids woke up full of excitement and energy. After saying family prayer, we headed out to see what Santa had brought everyone.  Santa did not disappoint!

Hyrum was given an outdoor basketball hoop that Santa conveniently left back in Colorado instead of dropping it off in Texas. Hyrum has developed a love for basketball and had been wanting one of these.

Hyrum also found some fun things in his stocking.

Santa left Ben a Wii with the charge to share with his family. Ben was super excited!  Ben also thought it was awesome that Santa put mustard in his stocking!

Emmy was left an easle that she has loved from the moment she got it. It was the perfect gift for Santa to give our artistic Emmy.

Emmy left many little signs and notes around the house.
Santa also found Lucy and gave her a cute little brown hair doll and a beauty set.  Lucy loved seeing her reflection in the mirror!

Lucy was pretty excited to find meat in her stocking. She is our little carnivore.

Lucy was also a big fan of the chocolate that she found in her stocking too.
Santa also found Brandon too!

The kids were so excited about the gifts that they gave each other. They were all so excited to find the perfect gift.

Lucy gave each of the kids a movie.

  Hyrum gave each of his siblings a book.
 Emmy gave the boys pajama pants and Lucy an owl hat. 

Fun presents from our Colorado cousins!

We gave the kids some fun things too!

 Emmy gave Brandon's mother a gift certificate to go and get a manicure. The girls all went later in the week when Ethel was feeling better. 

Our family was completely spoiled by Brandon's parents. They were very kind and generous to us!  I received gift cards, money and a cozy blanket. Brandon received some clothes, money and a gift card from his parents. 

Hyrum received some fun games from Grandma and Grandpa T.

The boys loved the race cars that they were given.  They were also given Beywheels and a Beywheel stadium

Emmy was thrilled to be given the LaLa Loopsy doll she had been wanting and MANY art supplies and some cute clothes!

Lucy has LOVED the push zebra that was given to her. 

 Alizabeth gave Emmy a pretty jewelry box.
The only downside to the holiday was when my camera stopped working!! I didn't get near as many pictures as I wanted.  

The day turned out very nice and we had a wonderful time together as a family.   

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