Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Wrestling Season

Wrestling is HUGE where we live! Most kids here start wrestling when they are three! The boys decided to give wrestling a go this season.
 The kids were lucky to have such great coaches.

  The boys worked and trained hard a few nights a week and fought courageously at their meets.    Many nights and mostly all of our Saturdays recently have been consumed with wrestling.
The boys experienced many failures and some triumphs. 
Hyrum in particular faced many discouraging matches that just broke my heart. I knew how hard he had practiced and how much he desired to do well.  
Hyrum's third place finish!

Ben faired a little better. He actually placed first in one of the meets at his weight division. 

I am proud of my boys and the courage that it took to try something new and different. I am proud of their determination to finish what they started; especially if it is difficult. I am proud of my boys for learning how to lose with grace and win while being humble.  I am grateful to be their mom!

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