Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Daddy's in Charge

Let me first off  start by saying that I am so lucky to be married to Brandon. He is an amazing guy who is more than willing to help and pull his load in our household.

One sunny beautiful spring day, Brandon was in charge of Lucy outside while he was doing some yard work and I was working on things in the inside.  Lucy cherishes every minute that she is outside and insisted on going out when she saw that daddy and the big kids were out there.  Lucy loves riding on the scooters, blowing bubbles and playing with chalk among other things while being outside.

After Lucy was outside for awhile, Brandon called me and said that Lucy need me. I guess Lucy accidentally plopped in a mud puddle outside and her backside was completely covered in mud!
  What Lucy needed was a bath, but not until after she enjoyed some more time outside. 

I have loved seeing Lucy's curiosity and wonder come alive as she has been spending more time outside  and acting more like a big kid. 

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