Sunday, March 9, 2014

Valentine's Dinner

We loved having my parents and sister here for the long Valentine's Day weekend. My kids always love it when they come to visit!  We had delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast( that my kids always insist that my dad makes). We went out to lunch at McDonald's, which is always a treat for us. Next, we went bowling. The kids love to bowl. The kids wanted to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 with our visitors.

Probably the most anticipated event was the Valentine's Day dinner. Of course, we booted the kids out while we set the table and got everything ready.  Notice the gorgeous flower bouquet Brandon gave to me. 

The kids were thrilled with what they received at the table.  They were big fans of the Trading Cards from Grandma and Papa and the fun valentines from Sean and Tracy and Millie. They boys thought the football cups they received were pretty awesome. Hyrum was in love with his bacon!

The girls were happy with their valentines as well.  Lucy was a big fan of her necklaces.  Of course the girls received flowers from their daddy. 

We had delicious shush-kabobs, rolls, a salad, heart burn potatoes and Danish Dessert.   It was a yummy feast with the people we love. 
To end our Valentine's celebration, we released a floating lantern.  It was pretty awesome.  Everyone loved it, except Brandon. He was stressed it was going to start a fire in one of the many farm lands we have here.   

It was a fun night of celebrating the love that we have for the wonderful people in our family. 

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