Friday, March 7, 2014

Valentine's Day

To start Valentine's Day off, I made the kids a delicious breakfast of french toast with strawberries and whipped cream.  The kids loved it!

The girls helped me make sugar cookies for Brandon's work and for other plates of goodies we would take to some elderly ladies in our ward. As you can imagine, my girls were very helpful; especially the two year old!

The next thing we made was chocolate covered strawberries. Emmy had been begging for me to make chocolate covered strawberries with her, so we did.  Of course, Lucy was right there with us trying to help.   As you can tell from the picture, many strawberries had bites out of them before they even made it to the chocolate!
Emmy was in heaven with different colors of chocolate and sprinkles to explore and create with.  She is still my little artist!  
Next, we took the strawberries and cookies, along with some other goodies, to Brandon's work.  We stopped and picked out some fun movies to watch and lunch from Wendy's and headed home. 

The boys were able to help me deliver the goody plates to the elderly while Emmy was at dance. 

Late in the evening, my parents and Millie arrived to have some fun with us.  We even saved our traditional Valentine's Day dinner until the next night so we could celebrate with them.  We had a great Valentine's Day. 

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