Thursday, April 3, 2014

Students vs. Teachers

During the month of March, right before Spring Break, Hyrum was able to participate in a basketball game against the teachers at his school.   The school only allows the older students to play against the teachers.  There are some pretty hefty requirements in order to participate in the game.  The students had to have all their school work turned in and have good grades, good behavior was also required.  The students also had to GIVE UP their lunch recess twice a week to practice running drills and improve their skills with the janitor.  The kids practiced for around two months.

Hyrum was so excited about being able to play against the teachers.  He worked so hard during the practices and would come home and practice outside to make sure he was ready for the game.  The night before the big game, Hyrum had his clothes all picked out and told me that he was nervous.   I told him to do his best and have fun and that  he would be fine since he put in a lot of time practicing. 

The morning of the game, I made sure to make him a nice breakfast.

Lucy and I were able to go and cheer on Hyrum and the other kids playing against the teachers.

Lucy gave Hyrum a pep talk before the game. 

  It was so loud in the gym.  It was fun to see the other students cheering on their classmates.
Can you find Ben and Emmy in the pitures?

Each grade level had a team or two and the team was able to play against the teachers for five minutes.  I was so proud of Hyrum, in the five minutes, he made two shots, stole the ball, and played great defense.  Too be honest, it was a little emotional for me watching him play. After having such a rough wrestling season, I really wanted him to have his confidence boost just a tad.

He rocked his game! I could not have been more excited or proud of him.  He was pretty happy himself. 

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