Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wrestling 2014 Season

During the months of February and March the boys once again participated in a local wrestling program. 

They worked hard, learned new things, built muscles and experienced frustration.Trophies and medals were won.

Ben did really well and only lost a handful of times.   He was pleased with how many trophies he won during the season.

Hyrum struggled EVERY match. He lost EVERY time.  However, I was proud of him.  Hyrum talked about doing wrestling even before the season started.    I was proud of the fact that even before the season started, he was doing push-ups and sit-ups on his own to gain muscle. He worked hard in practice and did extra work at home with Brandon.  Despite Hyrum's hard work and effort he did win a single match.  My heart breaks thinking about how hard it must be for him to put in so much hard work and not reaping the results. Hyrum was very positive through it all when I think most other kids would have been heartbroken and devastated. 

It was a season of much growth for the boys in more ways than one.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Your little boys in singlets?! I die!!! How are they so grown up? They couldn't be any cuter! Oh man, we love you guys:)