Monday, April 21, 2014

Trip to La Junta

Brandon's work has him travel sometimes to work at various offices in the company. During the kids' Spring Break, Brandon needed to go to La Junta.   The kids and I decided to tag along. 

Of course, one of the big highlights of the trip was swimming in the hotel's swimming pool. Lucy was too busy staring at her reflection in the mirror to pause for a picture.   My kids are fish and enjoy every minute in the water. 

After we dropped Brandon off for work the next day, the kids and I headed to Pueblo to see the zoo there.  

The Pueblo zoo is small, but it was the perfect size for our adventure.  The kids and I enjoyed seeing various animals.

The kids loved using the map and figuring out where we were and where we should go.  

The boys LOVED feeding the animals.  It took awhile for Emmy to work up her courage, but she did it.  Lucy decided to pass on her animal food for her brothers to pass out.

After awhile, Lucy decided that she needed to walk.  She did really well about staying close by.

One of my favorite parts of our adventure that day was when Lucy would make various animal noises to let me know what she wanted to see next (she did the elephant and the giraffe).  However, the zoo didn't have the animals she was requesting.

The kids thought it was pretty neat to stretch out their arms and see how they compared to an eagle. 

I think the kids' favorite part of our trip is that when we were leaving the zoo, there was a snake and a lizard for the kids to touch.  They thought their Papa Van would scream if he saw them touching a snake.

The kids also enjoyed watching the hedgehog up close and talking and asking questions to the keeper of the hedgehog. 

Afterward our time at the zoo, we played at the park, grabbed some lunch and headed back to pick up Brandon and head home.  It was a short visit, but very enjoyable. 

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  1. I love this! And I love that your kids are grown up enough to take a silly face picture! You guys are so awesome! :) We miss you all!