Monday, May 19, 2014

Disneyland- Day 2

On our second day in Disneyland, we spent our time in the original part of the park.  Emmy wanted to have her hair in two buns, just like last year, so she would look like Minnie Mouse.

The very first ride that we went on that morning was Peter Pan's ride.  Once again, Lucy was nervous, but soon she warmed up to the idea of going on rides.

Next, we went to Space Mountain. Emmy, Hyrum and Ben were very brave and rode the ride!  Emmy decided that she wanted to sit by Papa during the ride.  During most of the ride, Emmy had her head hidden.

The next placed we stopped at was Toon Town! The kids loved all the silly things they found there!  It was fun for the kids to walk around and see and explore things there.

Of course Lucy loved playing in the water!

Lucy was a big fan of Minnie's House when she went and explored it with Millie. 

Another fun spot we went to on the second day was Autotopia.  The kids loved driving the cars, Lucy included.
We found a ride that we missed last time called Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  It was a game ride where you shoot lazers at various targets throughout the ride.  This ride was one of  Papa's favorites.

We rode many fun rides in the main part of Disneyland. The only sad part was that Emmy's and Grandma's favorite ride, It's a Small World, was closed.  However, the kids found new rides to enjoy!

The kids fell in love with the Matterhorn ride.

We also had a fun time riding the Pirates of the Caribbean as a family!

Another fun ride was the Jungle Cruise! Lucy loved seeing all the animals.

Papa treated us that day to the famous Dole Whip ice cream.  It was the perfect treat for a very hot day! 

We were able to talk Emmy into riding Splash Mountain with us (she didn't last year).  Grandma watched Lucy while the rest of us went on the ride. Brandon, myself and the kids took up most of the space in our log boat and my dad, Camille, Sean and Tracy rode in a different boat log. During the ride I told the kids a couple times that when we go down the drop our picture would be taken and to do thumbs up.  Well, I was the  only person besides the random dude in the back to put thumbs up! It was pretty funny.In case you don't notice the white bow, Emmy is sitting behind Brandon. 

The other boat of our party got pretty creative for their picture too!

After Splash Mountain, we rode the Winnie the Pooh ride which is calm and fun and perfect for Lucy. While on the ride, Emmy lost a tooth at Disneyland!  

We decided to ride the train back to the entrance of the park! Lucy loves choo choos and was so excited to be on a train. It was really cute!    

Once again, we headed home for dinner and to rest for a bit before we headed back to the park in full force.

We made it back for the firework show with Tinkerbell in front of the castle! Emmy absolutely loved the show.

After the show, Brandon took Lucy back to the hotel and the kids and I rode the Tea Cups, Dumbo, Matterhorn, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Snow White, and a fun magical boat ride that the kids insisted that Lucy needed to do on the last day.  It was a fun and busy second day at Disneyland!

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