Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Day at Disneyland

The morning of our first day in Disneyland was filled with the excitement. The kids got up early and I didn't have to remind them to get ready.  The kids were so excited to wear their new shirts.
Yes, Ben requested the pink shirt instead of a character one. He is pretty proud of his pink shirt. It makes me laugh.

Since last year's trip to Disneyland flowed so well. We decided to follow the same plan. We spent our first morning in California Adventure.

The first ride we went on was one of the favorites from last year, The Radiator Springs Racers.

  The kids still loved every minute of the ride!  Of course, we got a switch rider pass for this ride an all the other rides Lucy was to small to go on.   It is a great system that benefits mostly our kids being able to go on the rides again with a short wait. Also, as soon as we would get in the parks, one of us would run (mostly Grandma)  to get fast passes for the popular rides

Brandon tried to get Lucy on a ride while we were doing the Radiator Springs ride, but she would not do it!

After we did Radiator Springs Racers, we went to Mator's Junkyard.  I took her on the ride screaming and all.  I got some funny looks! However, I knew Lucy has a hard time with new things and things that are different for her. In fact, through out the trip, if Lucy didn't feel comfortable with the ride she would ask for a sandwich! It was pretty funny! We took it to mean that she knew that sandwiches were by the stroller and if she got a sandwich, she wouldn't be close to the ride.

We then decided that Lucy would LOVE the Bugs' Land area of the park and the rides there were the perfect speed for her.

My kids didn't really have a desire to get their picture taken with the characters, but we were able to get a picture with a character or two. 

She once again cried and whimpered when she got on the next ride, but after a few rides she calmed down and would go on rides willingly. Bugs' Land is the perfect place for small kids. 

After Bugs' Land, we headed to the Tower of Terror. When the kids found out they were going to Disneyland, they started to talk big talk about the scary rides.  One of the scary rides was Tower of Terror, the kids were confident they wouldn't be scared and could handle the ride. When the moment of truth came, Emmy opted to stay back with Grandma and Lucy.  The boys held their heads high and tried to put on their bravest face as they got on the ride.  The pictures that they took during the ride tells it all!

In fact, all the pictures that they snap during the rides tell funny stories.

We then watched the Muppets 3D show which is fun.

Lucy loved the Monster's Inc. ride.

 Ben was thrilled to go on the swings, one of his favorite rides from last year.  He loved going on them with Millie

Of course, the Toy Story Midway Mania is always everyone's favorite!

Both Ben and Emmy were tall enough to ride California Screaming and scream they did! It was a fun ride that the bigger kids enjoyed and were pretty proud at how brave they were to ride the ride. 

Everyone in our group of eleven went back to the hotel for dinner.  It was nice to sit down and take a break.

We headed back to Disneyland after dinner and did some more fun rides on the pier.  The kids were so excited to go on Goofy's flying school. It was one of their favorites from last year.

Lucy was content to play with the bubbles from a bubble machine. One of  Lucy's favorite things are bubbles!

To end the night, we stayed and watched the World of Color show. It was amazing and fun to watch!!

It was a great perfect first day of our trip to Disneyland!

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