Thursday, May 22, 2014

Disneyland- Day 3

On our last day in Disneyland, we made sure to hit all of our favorite rides a couple of times.  We started the morning of with one of Lucy's favorites, the Monster's Inc. ride. 

Next, Millie and I rode of the Tower of Terror together. It was a lot of fun. We laughed and laughed together.  I love her.

We then spent a good amount of time in Bug's Life.  The rides were just perfect for Lucy.  Her favorite ride of the park was the Chew Chew Train.    What is not to like about riding a train and seeing yummy food?

After that, we went on the Grizzly Rapids ride and got completely drenched! It felt nice on a hot day.

The kids insisted on riding the Goofy Flying school ride again. For whatever reason, that ride was one of their favorites. 

We also rode the swings again. This time, Emmy was brave and rode with Millie.

Of course we played the Toy Story Mania and went on California Screamin' multiple times since it is one of the kids' favorite rides.

We also rode the Car's Ride again and other fun rides in Car's Land.  We even stopped at the Diner there in Car's Land and had a delicious milk shake; it was heavenly!

Another ride that was one of my dad's favorites was Soaring Over California. We made sure to stop there again ( we rode it the first day ).

On the last day, the kids were able to pick out their souvenirs (the kids had to do jobs and be obedient to earn money to buy their souvenirs) . Lucy picked a bubble gun and a Frozen book, Ben picked a Cars toy and a water mister fan. Emmy picked out cute Minnie ears and a water mister fan. Hyrum decided on a wooden gun and a bubble gun.

It was pretty funny to walk behind Lucy and see a constant stream of bubbles. Lucy loves bubbles! Also, Ben and Emmy really enjoyed their mister fan. 

Next, we went back to the hotel for dinner and to relax. The kids and I went swimming in the pool during our relaxation time.  Also, my parents got KFC for dinner and some cupcakes since my birthday was in a couple days and they know how much I enjoy that restaurant. 

After some relaxation, we went back to Disneyland. We rode Autotopia again, did the Buzz Lightyear ride with the lazers and the Matterhorn many times.  Hyrum thought he was pretty awesome going with just Millie and him to ride Space Mountain.  Brandon and I took the other kids to ride the teacups and Dumbo.  We ended the night with riding the Pirates of the Carribean as a whole family. 

We stayed at Disneyland until the park closed. The next day, the kids, Brandon and I slept in until 9:00 and that was only because Millie woke us up.  During the car ride home, the kids slept a ton. It was cute to see Hyrum clutching his toy gun while he slept and Emmy was wearing her Minnie ears as she was dozing in the car.

It was a great trip filled with fun memories of the people we love!

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