Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Play Doh Fun

Lucy loves to play with play doh. Almost every day, she begs me to get the play doh out and play with her.  These pictures were taken back in January of 2015 of her and I having some play doh fun. 

Lucy mixed the colors then, but has since decided that mixing the colors ruins the play doh and hasn't mixed the colors again. 
Lucy loves to get out her princesses and change their dresses with play doh. She copied this idea from  YouTube videos that she watches.

Sometimes, I will create letters out of play doh while I play with Lucy, and have her tell me what letter it is.

Lucy likes to have a variety of tools when she plays play doh to make her creations.

 I love that she and I have some time to spend just the two of us having fun!

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