Monday, July 13, 2015

Albuquerque Zoo

Another fun place we went to on our trip to Albuquerque was the zoo!

There were many fun animals to see and enjoy!  We once again with our good friends and had a grand time together.

So of our favorite animals were the elephants, the cougar laying just above our head and the water seal feeding frenzy!

Lucy absolutely loved the train she saw going around the zoo. Lucy kept asking over and over to ride the train and so finally we gave in and made it on the train for the last ride of the day.

 Lucy was so excited to be on the train!

Other fun things we did on our trip was to eat at Golden Corral (twice), a new favorite of the kids, 5 Guys, and the temple. It was a packed weekend of excitement that we all enjoyed!

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  1. What awesome pictures! Your kids are getting SO BIG.