Monday, March 14, 2016

First Day of Preschool

 Lucy had been so excited all summer to finally be a big kid and go to school. She was thrilled when it was finally her big day.

Of course, she had to put curlers in her hair so she could have bouncy, beautiful hair. Also, she had to have the special blueberry pancake breakfast that we have for big days.

I love these pictures of her! I love this dear child of mine. She makes me smile. She has such a big personality and love for life. She is a constant reminder to me that a loving Heavenly Father answers our prayers.

Lucy had been telling me all summer that she was the girl in the logo (of the preschool) with a red bow. As a result, she insisted on wearing a red bow to school for the first week.

Lucy has loved her teacher and going to school.

  I had a hard time dropping her off that first day and was a little emotional. It has been a great year of school for her!  We love our Lucy Lu!

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