Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brigham Richard

My sweet Brigham was born in the month of August. His pregnancy was difficult. I was sick almost every day. His delivery was hard.  However, he was very much worth it in the end.

Even though the labor was difficult, there was such a sweet spirit of peace as Brigham made his entrance into the world.

We named him Brigham because we thought the name had great significance. Also, Brigham is a family name on my side of the family.  His middle name is Richard after Brandon's father.

Brigham weighed 7lbs .6 oz. He measured 20 inches long. Besides the twins, he is my smallest baby at birth.   He was born with a good amount of hair. Most of his hair was on the back of his head. He has such sweet eyes.

Brigham has brought such happiness, love and peace into our lives. I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment of this last newborn stage for us. The kids have sure enjoyed him. He was prayed for every single prayer before he was born and still his.  The kids worry about him when he cries. The kids love to hold him and enjoy him.  I love that Lucy told me the other day that Brigham is a cute baby and he is. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. 

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