Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas morning 2013 was all that it should be. The kids were so excited to go and see what Santa had brought them.  Magic was in the air!

Lucy was a little hesitant about going out first (since we line-up youngest to oldest), but once she saw the presents, she didn't hesitate and ran.

Lucy was thrilled with her baby and tent that Santa brought her!

Lucy also fun some fun Minnie Mouse toys, new clothes and juice!

Santa also found Ben and brought him the football cards he asked for as well as some mustard! Hyrum was given some football cards too!
Santa also brought Ben and Emmy Stompeez that they have wanted for a couple of Christmases.

Ben wanted cards with faces on them. Luckily Santa was able to find some kid friendly phase cards that even came with spoons!
Since Ben could have a real dog, Santa was able to find a soft fluffy stuffed dog for Ben.  Ben loves his fluffy dog!
Emmy was given a picture of Mary and baby Jesus that she wanted as well as a big jar of blueberries! Santa also snuck in a Plasma Car for her to drive.

Santa also found some Olympic trading cards for her to enjoy. Emmy was wanting trading cards that had girls on them.  
Hyrum was given an MP3 player and has loved listening to his music.

Hyrum loved the fact that he was given the movie Harry Potter from Santa. Hyrum, Ben and I are working on reading the first book first, before we watch the movie.

The boys were given by Santa Disney Infinity for their Wii which they have enjoyed.

The kids have loved their watches Grandma N. gave them. 

We gave Millie some fun presents!
My kids were completely spoiled by my family!
They were given fun books, movies, and clothes!

 The boys love their Bronco calendar and football cards Sean and Tracy gave them.

The boys loved their Peyton Manning shirts Millie gave them!  My boys are big Denver Broncos fans.
The boys loved their remote control helicopters they were given from my parents!

Emmy was thrilled with the creative things Millie gave her!
Lucy took a break from opening presents and watched some Barney on the IPAD. She also found some candy in her stocking to eat while she was watching her show.
Emmy loved the Glow Pillow Pet that Hyrum gave her...I love this picture!

Emmy was thrilled with the fun art kit my parents gave her.
Hyrum thought the BYU hat Papa gave him was pretty cool!

I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture of this, but my parents are once again taking my family, Sean and Tracy and Millie to Disneyland! We were so surprised and so excited! The kids have already been talking about what rides their going to do and how they are going to be brave and go on the scary rides.  

After we opened pressents, we headed to my Aunt Lana's for the traditional Christmas breakfast! We devoured such delicious food! It was fun to spend time with family and listen to our missionary cousins call!

After Lana's, we headed back to my parents house and enjoyed watching the new movies, and playing with new toys and having a calm, relaxing evening. It was a wonderful Christmas.

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