Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sledding in Utah

Another one of our favorite things to do, when we go to Utah, is to go sledding! The kids love it! We try to make a sledding run at Hot Chocolate Grandma's house. She has the perfect hill.  Also, there are plenty of cousins to play with which makes sledding a lot of fun.  I wasn't able to take pictures there since I was finishing up my Christmas shopping, but I heard the kids had a marvelous time and were treated to some wonderful hot chocolate afterwards to help them warm up.

We took the kids sledding another time to a hill right behind my parents house.  The hill was iced over so we moved pretty quick down the hill.

Emmy decided to try going down on her pants. 

I took Lucy down with me and we had a crazy ride.

We had a great time sledding, but we didn't last very long since the sun was going down and we were starting to get cold.  To end the evening, we had a wonderful hot meal and hot chocolate. 

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