Friday, June 20, 2014

Alligator Farm

On one windy day in April, after soccer games, we took our little family to a random local alligator farm.  It wasn't anything too spectacular, but it we went on a free day so it was worth the trip. 

As we walked into the place, the kids were able to touch a snake. Ben was the only one who was brave enough to touch the snake as we walked into the place.

After we were able to look at some amphibians, the kids were able to hold  a real alligator and have their picture taken.   As you can tell by the picture, the boys thought that touching the alligator was awesome!!

Lucy was terrified of entering the alligator farm; she kept trying to leave.  She insisted that I hold her during most of our time there. 

Through out the entrance, there were big turtles roaming about. 

We purchased a few buckets of food for the kids to feed the alligators, they loved it. 

We were able to walk around outside and see all types of alligators and other animals.

Lucy's favorite part was seeing the fish and smaller animals. 

The kids were enthralled watching people wrestle alligators. I must admit that Brandon and I thought it was pretty amazing to watch ourselves!

We even saw an albino alligator!

We had a great time at the alligator farm with our family!

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