Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring Soccer Season 2014

During this past Spring, the kids once again did soccer.

I once again had the privilege of coaching Hyrum's team.  He has really been improving over the seasons. He once again was one of our team's highest scorer.  He works hard, plays hard and has fun!

Ben and Emmy moved up to the next level of soccer. They were some of the youngest players on the field, but they held their own and hung in there.

Ben is such a fast runner which really helps.  He scores multiple goals over the season.  A person can always count on him to know the score of the game!

Emmy has found her spot doing defense. She has a great power kick to get the ball away from the goal.  She is also fast and hangs in there with the boys.

Of course Lucy enjoys going to the game and cheering on her kids!  We bring bubbles to the game for her to enjoy.
The kids loved having grandma and papa come to their last game to cheer them on.

We were proud of our kids for how hard they worked this past season to improve and grow in their soccer skills, being a team player and sportsmanship.

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