Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brandon's Birthday

In April, Brandon turned thirty-three.  He is getting old! The kids were so excited that it was their dad's birthday.

To start the day off, I made him one of his favorite foods for breakfast, Ebelskivers. 

This is what Brandon said of his birthday morning:

"The day has already started off great. Natalie surprised me with my favorite breakfast, Ebelskivers. It requires a special pan to make them, I was totally surprised. She is amazing."

After a long day at work, Brandon came home where I had one of his favorite meals for dinner and one of his favorite desserts, Skor cake.  

 We also gave Brandon some presents which included his pan I used to make his breakfast and some movies and some treats he enjoys. 

This is what Brandon said of his birthday day:

"Thank you everyone for making my birthday a great one. Natalie and the kids made it a special day. Getting older may not be fun but sharing it with those you love changes everything. I feel truly blessed. A loving and amazingly supportive wife, 4 kids who love me even though I am very imperfect, a career that makes me happy everyday I go to work and faith that sustains me on a daily basis. Truly happy."

We are lucky to have such a wonderful husband and father in our lives. It was fun to celebrate his birthday! 

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