Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I  am very blessed to be the mother of these four unique, smart, talented and funny kids.

  It seems fitting that on Mother's Day, my three younger kids were up before 6:30 to give me their presents they had worked hard on at school (of course they woke up Lucy in their excitement). I stayed home from most of church since Hyrum was sick. Before we had been home from church for two minutes, Lucy had plopped herself at the table and devoured the chocolate her leaders gave her to give to me for Mother's Day.

 Just so you know, Ben was bugged that I was making him take a picture, so he wasn't smiling. Brandon said something about Lucy having a stinky bum and instantly he smiled and laughed!

Ben and Emmy worked all year long on their adorable Mother's Day gift that they made me. Their books of letters were adorable and you could tell that the kids worked really hard on them. 

Hyrum was sick a few days before Mother's Day.  As a result, Hyrum wasn't able to finish the present he was working on at school for me.  Hyrum was crushed! Luckily, while I was at church, Brandon helped Hyrum make a beautiful paper flower for me.  
 Lucy devoured her treat she made for me within minutes of arriving home. 

I found other little presents around the house for me through out the day.

We have been blessed to have a grandma that is so involved in my kids' lives. She loves my kids and they love her!  
This picture was taken over 7 years ago when my grandma gave Ben and Emmy a bath. My grandma has been a wonderful example of service and love. I think she looks radiant in this picture.

I love this picture of my grandma! I love how you can tell by looking at her how much she loves my Hyrum!  

Brandon has always spoke highly of his mother and the love and encouragement she has shown him in everything that he has done.

The kids and Brandon made a delicious dinner for me on Mother's Day.

  Brandon really outdid himself with the yummy dessert he created.  It was a nice day with my favorite people!

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