Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family Pictures Fall 2014

 Back in the Fall of 2014 we had our family pictures taken by a local friend. We were very happy with the results! 

Also, the bench in these pictures, was a bench that my Grandma Nelson owned that I inherited when she passed away. Ben was also feeling sick on the day the pictures were taken.  Yes, Lucy is a little ham!

I love the pictures of my girls together. I think the pictures show beautifully what a special bond they have.

These boys of mine are best friends.  They love each other! Ever since Ben could move, he was trying his hardest to keep up with Hyrum.

My kids are partners in crime! They know how to have fun together and can be the best of friends!

I love my Brandon! He is a great man and a wonderful husband and father!

We are a crazy and happy family!

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