Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hyrum's Glow in the Dark Party

Hyrum decided that he would like a glow in the dark birthday party again and we had so much fun!!

The house looked amazing with the black lights, neon shaped poster cut outs, white streamers etc. To be honest, it really is all Brandon's ideas.

We had many friends come to celebrate the birthday of our handsome Hyrum.  

The kids came and we had pizza for everyone to eat while waiting for everyone. The kids were also able to pick out whatever glow in the dark accessories they wanted.

We played the skittle game. Each person was given a cup and a straw.  The person who's turn it was, got to suck up as many skittles as they could with their straw and transfer them to their cup.  The next person in line was rolling the dice and as soon as that person rolled a six it was their turn.  The kids loved it!

We also played the good, better and best game.  A variety of treats were placed in the center of  a circle. If a person rolls a six or a one they are able to take a candy from the center or they can steal from another person if they can remember what the person had.

The kids absolutely loved the flour game.Then we played the flour game which I played growing up. I used a bowl to make a flour mold and flipped it over onto a pan.  A starburst was then placed on the top of the mound.  Each person took a turn to cut a piece of the flour away.  If the starburst fell, the person who made it fall had to use only their mouth to get the starburst out.  The boys thought that this game was awesome! We gave a prize to the boy who had the most cuts without knocking down all of the flour.

Next, Hyrum opened up presents from his friends.  He was completely spoiled.

Then, we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum and had  glow in the dark cake and ice cream.

However, the activity that I think was the highlight of the night is when we played the Sock Game, but with the Glow-in-the-dark balloons.  The object of the game is to pick up all the balloons on your side of the blanket and throw them over to the other side. We set the timer and at the end of the game, whoever has the most balloons on their sides lose. We played this game a lot at the party and the kids LOVED it.

Overall, it was a crazy and fun party. Our house stunk like sweaty boys after the party, but it was worth it.

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