Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Handsome Hyrum is Ten

Back in November, my Hyrum celebrated a birthday. He is now ten. I have come to the realization that my years with this sweet boy are quickly passing.

I remember when it was just him and I together. I was so happy to become a mother. Becoming a mother had always been one of my desires.  I love spending time with my sweet son. 

Hyrum has grown to a great young man. He has a tender and sensitive heart.  He tries his best to be good. He isn't perfect, but he tries his hardest to do what is right and I couldn't ask for anything more from him. 
Hyrum is a friend to all. Hyrum watches out for the people around him and tries his best to help them.

Hyrum is a reader. This past year Hyrum has developed the reading bug. He fell in love with reading as he read the Harry Potter series this past year.  We can constantly find him in his room devouring whatever book he can get his hands on.

Hyrum has a great mind for numbers. When Brandon and I went to parent teacher conference, we found out that our son was at a 6th grade math level.  

Hyrum has turned into a wonderful piano player. He has really practiced this past year and a half and has improved in his piano playing skills immensely!

This past year Hyrum started swimming on a local swim team and has really pushed himself to do his best. We are hoping to sign him up for some swim races in the near future.

I still love hearing him laugh, seeing him smile and his beautiful brown eyes and freckles.

Hyrum is a little more on the serious side, but he knows how to have a great time with his siblings.  Hyrum is a great big brother and definitely lives up to his name.

We are lucky to be the parents of this wonderful boy. 

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