Monday, September 9, 2013

4th of July Parade

One of the highlights of the Fourth of July in Blanding is the parade.  Some of my memories growing up are attending the Blanding parade with my cousins!   We were so excited to go and watch the small town parade.

The parade was fun! It was hot!  There was a lot candy and small toys thrown!

 There was lots of water being shot at everyone. In fact, Brandon held me in my place so the fire hose on the fire truck could shoot me!  Lucy was shot at once and didn't like it! She decided the best spot for her was sitting with Papa and Grandma behind the umbrellas eating candy!

Yep, we all got really wet!

Ben was thrown a coin that was a coupon to go and get a cup of root beer from the local A&W.  He thought he was pretty fancy and that his drink was delicious!  

It was a fun parade with interesting and exciting floats, bands and people!

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