Monday, September 9, 2013

Dive for Quarters and Swim Race

On the Fourth of July, the community pool in Blanding did a dive for quarters.  The kids were divided into groups and dived for the money that was located at the bottom of the pool.  Poor Hyrum didn't get anything, he was in the deep end and the youngest in his group.  I also was parking the car and missed getting a picture of him.

Emmy and Ben made a killing! I couldn't believe how much money they were able to capture!

After the dive for quarters,  swimming races were next.  Ben decided he wanted to swim in the race.  The length of the race was the length of the pool. Ben is still learning how to swim.  Ben was the last person in his heat to finish by a long shot.

Everyone clapped for him when he got out of the pool.  It was an emotional experience.  I was so proud of him that he didn't give up and kept going even though he did something that was hard and difficult for him

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