Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School 2013

 August 26th was the first day of school for our kids. Hyrum, Ben and Emmy were counting down the days until they would go to school.  The night before we had our back to school feast.  The kids picked out Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon and Danish Dessert. Of course we had a fancy nice drink (sparkling cider) to go with our fancy meal that we ate on our nice plates.
After our dinner, the kids each received a Father's Blessing from Brandon. I am so grateful to be married to a man who honors his priesthood and is worthy to give our kids' blessings.  There was a special spirit there that night.

Before the kids went to bed, they got ready all of their supplies for school and loaded them in the car.

The next morning, before school the kids had the traditional blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast!
Of course, Lucy had to sneak in and be apart of the picture taking!

Hyrum is in 3rd grade this year! 

Emmy and Ben are in 1st grade this year!
Doesn't Hyrum look handsome?  I can't believe how tall he has gotten.  It seems as if he grew-up on me over night.
My sweet beautiful, smart Emmy. I love this girl!
Silly Ben in his new glasses.  He inherited his father's eyes.  I think he looks handsome in his glasses. He is quite pleased to be wearing them!

Brandon was able to go into work a little later to drop the kids off on their first day.  I could tell that the kids were a little nervous, but they were very brave. It really helped that they knew people from last year that were in their class.

Lucy insisted on packing Hyrum's lunch box around. 

Ben and Emmy ended up in the same class this year and are actually sitting by each other.
When I dropped Ben and Emmy off and was talking to the teacher for a little bit, Lucy found an empty desk and climbed right up and was already for the teacher to begin.  She thought she belonged. 
While I dropped the twins off, Brandon took Hyrum to his class.  By the time I wrestled Lucy from the desk she claimed and made it up stairs, his class was getting ready to begin.   I am bummed that I didn't get a picture of him at his desk.  However, I was able to snap a picture of him with his teacher.

After we dropped the kids off at school, Lucy and I had fun going on a walk to the park, making, cookies for the kids when they got home from school, read books, played with toys.  Lucy and I had so much fun together.

The kids were able to have a great first day.  They came home happy and were anxious to tell me all about their day.  Each of the kids thought the HUGE cookies Lucy and I made them were awesome!

I am excited  for the new school year. I am anxious to see how my kids will grow in knowledge as well as their skills of getting along with other people.   I hope each one of them remember to be kind, grateful, honest, smart and all those many other character skills that we have worked on when they are at home.  I know that they are good kids and that they will try their best!  I love my kids!!

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