Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Fun!

er we finished opening presents and eating cake for Ben and Emmy's birthday, we went out and had some fun! We picked up Emmy's new coat and Ben's new bike.  Next, we got some lunch at Wendys and then went to Chuck E Cheese and loved every minute! My kids always enjoy going there and have a great time.  We were going to go to a movie next, but it was all sold out so we went miniature golfing.  We had a wonderful time!

The kids were excited to pick out the golf ball they would use. My boys have decided that "tough boys like pink."

Lucy had some help from Brandon.  After a few hits, if her ball didn't go in the hole she would pick it up and put it in the whole and then take it out it .  It was pretty fun to watch her. She wants to do exactly what everyone else is doing!

Emmy was constantly posing asking me to take her picture!

Before we headed home, we stopped by Cici's pizza (a favorite from Memphis) to have dinner.  It was such a great day to celebrate our silly Ben and cute Emmy.  We are lucky to have them part of our family!

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