Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lucy's Minnie Party

While my parents and Millie were visiting us in October, we had a birthday party to celebrate Lucy turning two!  We also invited some of our good friends over to celebrate our special girl.  Lucy absolutely loved the decorations and would run through the streamers over and over! She was so excited!
Lucy loved playing Just Dance with her friends on the Wii.
Brandon once again made a fantastic Minnie cake! He prefers to be called Cake Boss!
Lucy enjoyed her ice cream and cake after we sang Happy Birthday to her.
After we had some cake and ice cream, we opened some presents!
Lucy received a cute Minnie purse from our friends.

As I have mentioned before, Lucy is passionate about bubbles and gets really excited about them! We got her a really neat bubble wand that made HUGE bubbles. It was awesome and so much fun!  Lucy would try to pop the bubbles with her nose and tongue! She was drenched after.
Lucy was not happy when we put the bubbles away for the night! She was mad at me for taking her picture.
We love this little girl and are so lucky to have her in our family!

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