Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun at the Park

While my parents and Millie were here visiting, we took the rocket that the boys received for their birthday and the wood planes to the school. 

The kids were in heaven "helping" Papa launch the rockets.  The rockets went so high! It was a fun activity to do with our family. 

Notice the gold teeth in Ben's picture...those teeth are a big hit with him!

After we launched rockets, we had to try out Ben's new football so the boys played football with Millie and Papa, while Emmy played with her dancing ribbon she received for her birthday and was dancing around loving every minute.

Lucy decided to be brave and try the swings. She didn't cry for the first time EVER!  She hasn't ever liked the swings, but that day she decided that she liked them. It made her particularly happy when Millie, Papa or myself would swing by her.

After we played at the park, we went to Burger King for lunch.

We had a great time having my parents visit us. Some other fun things we did was Lucy's Minnie Birthday party, Millie and myself running a 5K ( I got a fantastic time, so did Camille, but that is a given), the kids went to a freezing cold soccer game to cheer on the kids, we watched a BYU football game among other things. 

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