Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrating Birthdays

My parents and Millie came to visit us in the middle of October. When they came, we had a big birthday celebration! We celebrated my dad's, Lucy's, Ben's, Emily's, my mom's and Hyrum's birthday.

One of the things we gave my dad for his birthday was a nice T-bone steak!

Millie gave Lucy a fun Minnie Mouse plate and cup for her to use.  Lucy loves it!

Ben received a football from my parents and he was in absolute heaven! He packed that football around for days!  Ben also takes his football to school quite often to play with his friends at recess! I love how in most of the pictures in this post he is holding his beloved football!
Emmy was given the movie The Little Mermaid. She gave Papa a big hug afterwards! She was also given some fancy new curlers.
Hyrum loved the bacon shirt my parents gave him.

Millie gave the boys some workout clothes that they love and wear multiple times a week. I have to talk them into letting me wash them.

Emmy received some fancy new rain boots from Millie.

Everyone received some fun books from my parents. 

The boys received an awesome rocket from my parents. The kids were also given some fun wooden air planes.

Sean and Tracy sent the kids some fun Halloween bags. They also sent later Bronco shirts for each of the kids.  We love the Broncos!

My grandma gave the kids a goody bag that had a variety of things from the dollar store.   The kids loved them!

Ben thought the teeth he got were awesome!

Emmy thought the large ribbon she received was pretty neat. 

My grandpa gave the kids some money.  The kids each received a dollar for each year.  So, Ben and Emmy got seven dollars, Hyrum received nine and Lucy received some too.

We gave my mom some of her treats that she loves and a new fall skirt.

To end the night we had  homemade apple pie that I made with ice cream and some cake.
We loved celebrating all the birthdays.

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