Monday, July 14, 2014

My Ballerina

One of the highlights for the month of May was seeing Emmy perform.  She decided to once again do ballet with a friend for the spring semester.  She worked hard each week on improving her dance skills.

The boys and Lucy loved watching Emmy in her dress rehearsal.  Lucy calls Emmy a "rina." 
Emmy was excited that my parents would be coming for her performance.  Emmy was also thrilled with the prospect of wearing red lipstick again and having rosy cheeks.

When the night of the performance came, I could tell that Emmy was nervous. Emmy loved having her family there to support her.

 Emmy looked lovely on stage and performed beautifully.

Of course after her performance she was greeted by flowers from grandma and papa and her daddy. I think the favorite part of her performance was when she received the flowers.

Emmy's dance for the year was inspired by this picture.

Emmy was able to convince her papa that she needed a little treat so we went and celebrated her big night at a local bakery cafe that just opened up in town.

I love watching Emmy dance.  She looks lovely on stage and is a beautiful dancer. I love being able to see her confidence grow as she does difficult things.

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