Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School 2014

Every day towards the end of August, we would drive by the school and check and see if the "lists" were posted of what class the kids would be in and who their teachers were.  The kids were anxious to find out who their teachers would be and what friends would be in their class.

Finally the lists were posted!  The kids were somewhat happy with the results. Ben and Emmy ended up in the same class again with some friends they knew. Hyrum ended up with the teacher he wanted, but most of his friends ended up in the other class. I told him that by being in a different class then his friends would give him an opportunity to meet new friends. Hyrum slowly warmed to the idea.

On the first day of school, I made the traditional blue berry pancakes with whipped cream on top, eggs, and bacon.

 I guess Lucy is going to second grade.

The kids were eager to head out the door with their backpack, lunch box and supplies and go off to school.

Lucy thought she was going too, so of course she had to find her lunch box and backpack.

My handsome Hyrum is starting 4th grade this year. I can not believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was taking him to Kindergarten and now he only has two years left in the middle school. He is a good friend and a very smart boy. Hyrum is also a very loving boy and a great big brother. He wanted to have his picture taken with Lucy. 

My sweet Emmy and silly Ben started second grade. They are growing up too fast for my liking.

Ben is such an outgoing and friendly person. He makes friends where ever he goes. Learning new things comes easy to him.

Emmy takes a little more time to feel confident in what she is learning and doing. I really hope this year she will be able to be confident in the beautiful, wonderful and talented girl that she is.

Ben ran out the door, eager to play with his friends, before I could give him a hug good-bye. 

While we were at the school, Lucy tried to hang up her lunch box and backpack like the big kids. She was so sad when I made her leave with me.

I hope my kids have a wonderful school year filled with great memories. I hope this year they will learn and grow even more than before. Each of my children are talented in their own right and I am proud to call them mine.  I love them with all my heart.  

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