Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School Feast 2014

 The Sunday before school started, we had our annual back to school feast! The kids picked the menu. For dinner we had chicken enchiladas, corn, salad, watermelon, fancy bubbly and danish dessert!   We even enjoyed lit candles on the table as we devoured our meal. 

After dinner, Brandon gave each of the kids and myself a special back to school blessing. I love that my husband is worthy and is able to give our children blessings when they need them. The blessings were tender, sweet and full of counsel for the up coming year. 

The next night, for Family Home Evening, Brandon put together a special lesson for the kids on the Armor of God.  Brandon even made card board cut outs of the different  armor pieces for the kids to wear as he talked about each piece.  Brandon also printed out a picture of a man wearing the armor of God for the kids to put up in their rooms. 

It was the perfect way to start off the school year! The blessings and lesson brought in peace to calm nervous hearts and happiness to the souls. 

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