Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of Summer Fun- Part 1

One of the things we try to do as a family is that before school starts up each year, we have a few days to go and do fun things as a family. 

On the Wednesday before school started, we headed up to Salida to have some fun. 

We ate a nice wood pizza restaurant. The kids LOVED the food their; especially, Lucy.  She ate over three pieces of pizza!  Can you tell that we have an eye doctor in the family? Everyone is wearing sun glasses!

One thing that was really neat for the kids to see was a pro bike race that came through the town while we were there. We all loved watching the crazy, intense and amazing scene of over a 100 bikers and their drivers  come barreling through the town with horns blaring.  It was a site to behold.  Lucy absolutely loved the motorcycles coming through the town and just laughed. 

After seeing the cyclists, we found a place to have tasty ice cream.
To finish our day in Salida,  we played a round of miniature golf.  It was so much fun.  Lucy was such a hoot to watch. 

Emmy did really well and had some great hits. 

If I remember correctly, I think Ben scored three holes-in-one! 

Hyrum scored a hole in one too! 
There was this really cool hole where you hit the ball into the water and it carries the ball to hole.  That was the kids' favorite hole and did that one a few times.

It was a great day to enjoy time together as a family. 

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