Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of Summer Fun- Part-2

The Friday night before school started, we headed up to Colorado Springs, splurged and stayed the night in a hotel and went to the zoo the next morning.

To start our morning at the zoo off, we stopped by the giraffes and we were able to feed them. It was an amazing experience and I think a favorite of the kids and Brandon. Lucy enjoyed watching the giraffes from a distance. 

It was teddy bear day at the zoo on the day we went. Since the kids brought their animals, we were able to get in at a discounted price. Also, the zoo had paramedics there were the kids were able to take their animals to and help the paramedics help their animals.

We saw some other fun animals and things at the zoo.

The monkeys were pretty active when we saw them at the zoo. We spent a lot of time watching them.  

I loved it when Lucy pretended to be a monkey!

Lucy absolutely loved riding around in the train at the zoo. I loved that she would wave at me every time the train around and that my Ben and Emmy would smile at me. 

Ben was thrilled when it was finally his turn to ride in the front of the train.

The kids thought it was pretty awesome to touch a lizard. 

Lucy and Emmy loved seeing the hippos! 

Ben's favorite animal was the wolf, but he was disappointed he didn't see it. He also thought it was cool to see a mountain goat. Ben was telling us as we were going to the zoo that he bet we would see a lot of animals who live in the mountain since the zoo was on the side of the mountain. It was pretty funny.  

To end our time at the zoo, we each rode the lift. The kids thought it was pretty neat to see the zoo and the city from a higher view.

We then headed to theater to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. The kids loved the movie and loved eating the popcorn and candy.

To finish the night, before we headed home, we stopped at Cici's Pizza for dinner. It was such a great day and a fun way to end our crazy and busy summer by having some special time as a family.

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