Monday, September 29, 2014

Father's Day 2014

On Father's Day, in June, we celebrated the awesome father that Brandon is. 

We went to church that day and these pictures were taken after church.

Of course I made him a yummy meal that was followed by delicious homemade carrot cake.

The kids were so excited to give Brandon his presents. They each helped me pick out some of their dad's favorite treats.

The main present we gave Brandon for Father's Day was an ice cream maker.  We have loved having an ice cream maker and have put it to good use.

Recently, Hyrum had an assignment at school to write a paragraph about his dad. It was fun listening to him, Ben and Emmy brainstorm a list of ideas that Hyrum could use in his paper.

One of the things that the kids brought up again was how their daddy makes them laugh and tells jokes.  Hyrum also mentioned what a great coach his dad was.

One of the things that I love about Brandon is that he is very much a hands on dad. He take time with the kids to have gospel related discussions to help them become better and understand the doctrine of the church clearer. I love that Brandon takes the time to play with the kids and have fun. Just last night the kids had a water fight with their dad and they loved it!  We are lucky to have such a great dad in our life!

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