Thursday, January 29, 2015

Birthday Fun

 While my mom was here we celebrated birthdays in style!

The kids found lots of fun items in their  birthday goody bag from Grandma Hot Chocolate for their birthdays. 

The kids loved their traditional present from grandpa hot chocolate. They each received the amount of money they would be turning (since the twins were turning eight, they received eight dollars) and a bag of yummy candy! 

My mom's birthday is also in October, so we celebrated her birthday while she was here.

The kids insisted on giving her bananas.
The kids also picked out some yummy skinny cow treats to give her too and drew her fancy birthday cards!
I think my mom's favorite present was the book we made from pictures of our recent trip to Disneyland to give her. 

The kids absolutely loved their presents from my parents.

Hyrum has worn his BYU hoodie almost every day.

Ben enjoys wearing his hoodie too.

Lucy has enjoyed a world of make believe with her Frozen characters.

Of course, my parents couldn't go wrong in giving the kids BYU shirts.

Tracy and Sean gave the kids some fun presents too!
Emmy has made some wonderful creations with her art kit and loom band kit.

It was a fun night celebrating all the birthdays! 

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